Free Wifi For Your Patrons

CUBE Wifi is based in Newcastle, NSW

CUBE Voice & Data is an already established Managed Service Provider who also offers Landlines & Phone Systems, Internet & NBN + Cabling & Service Connections.

Wi-Fi for bars, restaurants, cafés, and nightlife locations.wifi-640404_1920

Owners of bars, restaurants, cafés and nightclubs can leverage Wi-Fi to engage their customers, increase their social exposure and their revenues. Though hundreds or thousands of new people come and go from these public venues every month, it’s hard to track them, engage with them, make them stay longer or make them want to come back.

CUBE Wi-Fi, with its incredible set of features for social engagement and data capture, allows you to gather useful info such as email addresses and phone numbers, and promote your location to new potential customers.

Gather users’ info like email addresses and phone numbers.

Wi-Fi gives you the unique opportunity to know your customers and engage with them during and after their visit to your location. Thanks to the data capture tool, every user that connects to Wi-Fi is automatically saved in your CUBE Wifi dashboard, together with all the available personal data (such as name, surname, address, gender, age, e-mail address, phone number, device, browser…).

CUBE Wifi allows you to export this information to any marketing software or external database, to promote your location using customized newsletters, social re-targeting or sms.

Wi-Fi for hotels, B&Bs, resorts and holiday apartments.

The hospitality industry can leverage Wi-Fi to grow their revenues, get positive word of mouth, keep their guests happy and willing to return.

Easy Wi-Fi access for hotel guests & staff.

CUBE Wifi features multiple authentication methods, such as social login, social actions (like Facebook check-in), email/phone, voucher or personal / custom code, password… The connection is 100% secure, as CUBE Wifi isolates guests and completely separates networking management traffic from clients’ traffic.
For example, the IT manager of a hotel chain could configure 4 SSIDs for each hotel: one for public spaces, like the restaurant and the hall, with social login and a limited session time; one for the rooms, with voucher-based access for free or paid Wi-Fi; one for the hotel staff, with password; and one hidden, only for hotel equipment and other mobile payment systems.

Winning the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence was so easy, thanks to Social Wifi.
Our guests are happy about WiFi and they can even stream Netflix!
Maria R.  (Hotel Manager)

Use Wi-Fi to sell, upsell and cross-sell your services.

Transform your Wi-Fi network into a powerful tool to increase bookings, thanks to increased social visibility. Ask your guests to check-in at your hotel on Facebook when they first login to the Wi-Fi network and get positive reviews on Tripavisor. Word of mouth and a positive web reputation will help you increase the number of bookings.

Wi-Fi helps you with upsell, as well. Show users your superior rooms and suites by adding images to the splash page, and encourage them to upgrade their booking, by reserving a more luxurious room. If you’re selling Wi-Fi through coupons, create different packages for basic Wi-Fi, standard Wi-Fi and high-performance Wi-Fi (based on the data quota, the number of devices, bandwidth…).

Wi-Fi for schools, training institutes, colleges,

Educational institutions can develop collaborative and interactive learning and enhance the digital studies’ curriculum by providing free Wi-Fi to students, staff and visitors.

Easy network management for the IT staff.

CUBE Wifi allows the network administrator to easily manage all the devices, the networks, the SSIDs and the connected clients through one easy-to-use, centralized dashboard, even when the networks are composed by multi-vendor access points. CUBE Wifi includes an advanced remote monitoring tool that sends alerts for disconnections and allows the administrator to easily manage guest access and onboard new devices.

Block inappropriate content with web content filtering.

No need to worry about protecting children from inappropriate and objectionable websites, blocking hate or violence-oriented content or avoiding the improper use of Wi-Fi: with CUBE Wifi, you are free to choose your favourite DNS web content filtering service and use it on top of your CUBE Wifi access points, without further costs.

hands-1167617_1920Social Login, Facebook check-ins and Likes

Users who want to connect to Wi-Fi see a splash page with the name and brand of your bar / restaurant where they can login to the Wi-Fi network with 1 click, simply using their Facebook account (or other preferred social accounts, like Instagram or Twitter…).

You can also ask them to like your Facebook page before connecting to your Wi-Fi, or to “check-in” at your location and post feedback about your location.

social-login-data-capture-ok-e1418131919500Customize Your Splash Page

The CUBE Wifi ‘Splash Page’ (aka the authentication page that users see before connecting) can be customized with your company logo, background etc … and you can also add links to your website, to your Facebook page, Entertainment Book Page or to any other webpage. Add Today’s Special, or your daily menu, your last event’s video, or a personalized offer (like a ‘Buy One Get One Free’ for new customers).

Attract & Engage Users

Then Convert them to Returning Customers.

Thanks to public Wi-Fi, any location owner can improve the overall user experience and therefore their ability to attract users, engage them and convert them to customers. Wi-Fi helps venues to attract a significant number of people; thanks to CUBE Wifi, the login process is super-simple and your company can collect and analyze valuable data, gathered through Wi-Fi.

Since launching in late 2016, CUBE Wifi has already helped several major pubs/clubs/hotels and retail environments, attract and convert a significant number of new clients.  Now is the right time to get CUBE’s Social Wifi and build your business’s customer base.

1. Convert More Customers

For Pubs, Clubs, Cafe's, Restaurants, Retailers, Schools etc

Wi-Fi allows you to better understand your customers, their needs and their behaviour. Run real-time direct marketing campaigns and loyalty marketing campaigns. Build a positive word of mouth (off-line, on-line, on social media) around your brand.

2. Analyze The Data

Discover Your True Demographic

The CUBE Wifi Dashboard helps you analyze your public Wi-Fi hotspot data and analyze them in relation with your business KPIs (e.g. on-site numbers, revenue, number of food/drink purchases, frequenting patterns etc).

The CUBE Wifi Dashboard shows aggregated and per user data like gender, age, location; it also allows you to make queries, and download and export data to an external marketing tool you already use.

3. Target Qualified Leads

The BEST kinds of leads.

Public guest Wi-Fi access gives the unique opportunity to boost, in short time, the number of users in your database.

CUBE Wifi makes guest access to Wi-Fi super easy, by enabling multiple login flows: coupon-based, email-based, phone-based logins, and social login.

You can also use Wi-Fi to boost the number of opted-in e-mails for newsletters, or to get more phone numbers for sales calls (phone numbers can be verified through an SMS token).

In crowded venues like shopping malls or during events, public Wi-Fi is the best way to quickly generate hundreds of contacts for your company and increase the awareness around your brand.

Dashboard On All Devices

Real-time statistics, no matter where you are in the world.